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80V Battery Charger


  • LCD Display
  • System State Indications
  • Smart Charging technology ensures constant battery Temperature
  • Minimal Electrolytic Loss
  • Automatic Shut down after Charging
  • Charging will be terminated by dv/dt method to achieve extended battery life

Technical Specification

a) General / Output Model : MAK BATTERY CHARGER

Rated output : 80V 90A

Mounting : On Wheeled trolley.

b) Input supply Input volt : 415 Volts, +/-10%, 3 phase, 50 Hz , 20A

Input Cable : 5x 4, 2 mtrs

c) Mechanical details
Length (mm) : 575mm Width (mm) : 550 mm Height (mm): 815mm Weight (Kgs.) : 175kg (approx)

d) Output Monitor
Output DC Voltage
: 0-150V DC
DC Current
: 0-150Amps
Output Cable
: 2×35, 2 mtrs

e) Protections for output faults OV – Over voltage

UV – Under voltage

PL- Phase Loss

PR – Phase reverse

BA – Battery Absent

IB – Incorrect Battery


Short Circuit

Note: Due to continuous development, the dimensions, layout, configuration and specifications are subject to change without notice.