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We have designed and developed an array of custom built equipment such as Liquid to refrigerant cooling systems and Dual rectifier center for Radar applications , High Temperature test chambers, Hydraulic servicing trolleys (Electric or engine driven) , Power supply units with cross country functionality and full load operation at high altitudes , and Auxiliary Power Units (APU) for Main Battle Tanks (MBT) as some of our landmark projects...

Please do contact us for your requirements on any special products to serve your project and we shall be honoured to fulfill your requirements.

  • Liquid Refrigerant Cooling System (LRCS) for radar application
  • Dual Rectifier Center for radar application
  • India’s Largest High Temperature Test Chamber
  • Mobile Power Systems for MRSAM
  • Hydraulic Servicing Trolley(HST) for various aircraft
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for Main battle tanks
  • Power supply units across various ranges for numerous missiles and radars
  • Special power supply units for high altitude operations
  • Containerized power supply units
  • Special purpose vehicles /Mobile platform
  • Pneumatic system for special operations
  • World’s first simultaneous operation Dual Frequency Generator