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MAK Solid State GPU

Our solid state GPU units, is now part of our standard Ground support Equipment and is the safest and most reliable solution for aircraft power supply requirements.

Mak’s Static Frequency Converter units are designed with Power factor correction to guarantee a perfect sinusoidal input current from 25% to 150% load and a low THDi (<3%)ensuring high quality , maximum efficiency and secure electrical power supplies.

Static Frequency Converter – Overview

  • State of the art semiconductor technology (IGBT) guarantee Unity Power Factor and Low Input Harmonics (THDi < 3 % )
  • High Efficiency (up to 95% efficiency)
  • Voltage Compensation (Load dependent or via Remote feedback)
  • No Break Power Transfer Compatibility (NBPT)
  • User friendly control panel
  • Data logging
  • IP54 enclosures for outdoor use in extreme environmental conditions
  • Green Standby Function
  • Low noise emission (<65dBA@1m)
  • 28 VDC, 600 A output / 2000 A Crank with DC and AC output working simultaneously (Optional)
  • CE Mark Certified

Technical Specifications

Voltage 3 phase 400V/415V AC ±15%*
Frequency 45Hz up to 65Hz± 5%*
Input current harmonics <3% @ 100% load
Voltage 3 phase 200V AC -400Hz ±1%*
Overall Efficiency 87%-95%
Max. Crest Factor 1.4:1
4 Quadrant Operation
AC Voltage Range - 25% +10%
Efficiency 93%-97%
Input Frequency Deviation ±5%
Overload Capacity 150% Continuous
Inrush Current None
Overall current limit 120% Continuous
Static Regulation 0 – 100% load ± 1%
Dynamic regulation 100% 5%,recovering to 1%
within 40 ms
Total harmonic distortion < 2% (Linear Load)
Electronic Limit Overload 120%@60s;
Overload Capacity (IGBTs) 150% Continuous
Frequency stability ± 0.01% Crystal Controlled
Load power factor 0-1
Efficiency 93%-98%
Short circuit proof by electric current limiting and shutdown
Environmental Conditions
Temperature range
sea level -40°C to +55 °C(@100% Load)
Above 2000m 35 °C (@100% Load)
Relative Humidity 10%-100%
Noise Level < 65 dBA@1 meter
Altitude up to 2500 m without de-rating
* Other voltages and frequencies available on request
* Other Electronic Overload limits available on request
Note: Due to continuous development, the dimensions, layout, configuration and specifications are subject to change without notice.