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Mr. Athapa Manickam |Chairman

MD 1Athapa Manickam Gounder an electronics and communication engineer with honors plus a gold medalist from one of India?s premier engineering institutions is the founder of MAK Controls, Since registering the company in 1973 and passionately developing it from a small engineering enterprise to an extensive manufacturing set-up today and making it a force to reckon with in all it?s field of products, We have come a long way.

As the technical developmental adviser for all our projects he has articulated distinctive features that become the USP for each product.

He coaches, leads and supports our staff with his boisterous charm turning every employee to a high-performer and helping them to achieve specific objectives in their fields contributing to their career growth i totality.

His unruffled penchant for agriculture and farming is vindicated by the numerous deciduous trees and domestic crops that nourish a green touch around our campuses creating a serene and healthy working atmosphere.

Mr. Saravanan Manickam | Managing Director


Saravanan Manicakam, a Mechanical Engineer from an elite engineering institution in India posses an action-oriented, entrepreneurial, and innovative approach towards the company.

He amplified local revenue, pioneered national expansion and created a strategic business plan process for expansion into new countries with bigger markets establishing fruitful partnerships that would increase our market share.

Putting effective systems in place that track overall progress and regularly evaluating program components has shown to increase productivity ensuring high job satisfaction across all employees.He actively evaluates employees performance lauding their performances and nursing their flaws slowly converting into their strengths.

Showcasing an unwavering commitment to product quality testing procedures and systems coupled with statistical program evaluation has kept our products in top position across the world .

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