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The loaders are used for loading and unloading of cargo placed in containers or on pallets. The loader has two platforms which independently raise or come down. The containers or palettes on the loader are moved with the help of built-in rollers or wheels, and are carried in aircraft across the platforms.

Available in Towable / Self propelled configurations


  • Highly reliable Deutz / Cummins / Detroit Diesel Engine
  • Meets latest EPA Norms
  • Walk away Protection & control (Unattended Operation)
  • Low Noise level
  • Standard conformance to AHM 933

Technical Specification

Type: Self Propelled
Capacity: 15,000 Pounds
Engine: Deutz / Cummins / Detroit Diesel / Equivalent diesel Engine

Main Platform

Minimum Collapsed Height – 48Cm (19″)
Maximum Height ? 355 Cm (140″)

Front Platform (Bridge)

Minimum Collapsed Height -188Cm (74″)
Maximum Height -355cm (140″)

Load Transfer on Platforms

Mechanism used: Power driven Units
Drive: Through Hydraulic Motors
Raising /Retraction of PDU?s ? Through Hydraulic Cylinders

Emergency Section

Source: Hand Pump/Electro Hydraulic Pump
Available Operations: Lowering of Main Platform
Lowering of Bridge
Retraction of stabilizer Jacks


All safety requirements as per AHM 933

Specifications for Hydraulic Power- Pack

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi (210 kg/cm2)
Pump Type: Pressure Compensated variable displacement axial piston pump
Coil for DC Valves: 24VDC coils
Propulsion System: Two infinitely variable speed settings, hydrostatic drive
Propulsion Speed: 10 Km/h
Axles: ITL, Steerable drive axles
Brakes: Hydraulic Power Assist

Note: Due to continuous development, the dimensions, layout, configuration and specifications are subject to change without notice.