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Pre Conditioned Air

MAK PCA 45DX, 60DX, 90DX and 120DX

Pre Conditioned Air

MAK PCA 45DX, 60DX, 90DX and 120DX


MAK controls comprehensive knowledge of controlling and optimizing GSE equipment combined with experts' know-how within cooling technology, form the basis of the MAK PCA; the market's most innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly Point-of-Use PCA unit.

Standard features:

Energy Efficient VFD control of Blower Motor.

Universal mounting points to allow either bridge mounting or ground mounting.

Hot Gas Bypass control for minimal compressor cycling and improved defrost capability.

Large access doors for inspection and maintenance.

Fire alarm interface, for remote shutdown and annunciation.

Automatic defrost control to ensure low unit outlet temperatures.

Safety interlocks to limit passenger bridge movement during PCA operation to protect personnel, aircraft and equipment.

Control panel layouts allow for easy maintenance and access.

In compliance with AHM 974.

Proven discharge air control system, allows larger units to handle broad range of aircraft types, from RJ all the way to Code E & F Aircraft in MARS Gate Configurations

Inlet air filtration monitoring to notify maintenance when filters require replacement.