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MAK's GSE Remote diagnostic and monitoring system

MAK Controls & Systems have been designing and manufacturing GSEs for over 4 decades and are now proud to announce the biggest technological advancement an Online Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic System (RDMS) that will be offered as a standard feature in all MAK GSEs.

All the MAK GSE are coupled with MWM and collect all information and put into the cloud.

This software logs all operational parameters & maintenance data on a cloud that is accessible to its customers and MAK With this data our customers & MAK will be able to interpret operational trend of the equipment, maintenance schedule, any faults or alarms that will immediately be notified vide emails & SMS for prompt troubleshooting and much more features.

All maintenance plans and ad-hoc service details may be exported and printed for records.

We at MAK believe in providing a comprehensive customer-oriented solution through MAK RDMS and ensure maximum uptime , high efficiency and long life to further cement MAK GSEs distinct position in the aviation market.