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Our Manufacturing takes place across 150,000 sq.ft of industrial space in Coimbatore, India and MS, USA. We are equipped with strong in-house, state of the art R&D facility, recognized by DSIR, Govt of India. Over 350 people, including more than 150 technically qualified engineers from reputed institutes are employed to design, manufacture, fabricate, & assemble components to form the final product. In addition to the workforce, we also have adequate infrastructure such as assembly line, storage and testing facilities. Our products are recognized by Indian and International Defence Organisations/Civil Airlines /Aircraft/Engine OEMs and with a strong presence in military GSE We are pleased to be the preferred development partner for various DRDO labs in India.

Computerised Design & Drafting

Computerised Design & DraftingOur practiced team of designers produces aesthetic world class designs meeting all regulatory standards ensuring robust functioning under any type of operating conditions.

Our professionals stay up to date on highly sophisticated software packages to provide innovative solutions for our products. With the aid of computerization we ensure the quality of design and productivity of our designers are unmatched.

Research & Development

R&D BlockResearch & Development is the core activity of our company. Innovation and offering unique features which are not even thought of by our competitors are our specialty and strengths. Our main research activity is focused on Electricals, Electronics, Pneumatic’s and Hydraulic application for defense applications and aircraft ground support equipment ( Air Start Unit ). We are persistently reviewing our existing products to re-assure its quality through out its life cycle and ensure they are upgraded to meet new environment regulations.

R&D DepartmentOur R&D staffs are in close contact with the production department to maintain optimal manufacturing cost whilst ensuring supreme quality standards. We strive to reduce maintenance activity on our products , so as to ensure maximum operating time for our customers.

The scientific knowledge bank of the company is ever evolving for application on new products to attract interest of our current and prospective customers. Innovation with a difference is the characteristic we look at while developing new products. Development of new products helps us cater to the rapid growth of the industry and ever changing customer preferences and help us stay ahead of competition.



Our product?s electronic system, devices, PCBs are designed, fabricated and assembled in-house in accordance with international standards. Our seasoned electronics engineers work on a variety of applications furnishing our needs for the unique applications of our products.

By ceaselessly developing our skills, we are able to bring in something novel each time for the benefit of our customers.


Our production department is equipped with up-to date machines to fabricate finest quality products. We have highly skilled and certified welders, painters, and electricians to deliver superior quality fabrication. Painting of our products is carried out In-house, in our modern paint shop under a controlled environment to get an unrivalled cosmetic finish. Final assembly of products is carried out by our trained staff in a made-to-order environment with aid of advanced tools and machinery. The team executes all aspects of fabrication, painting and assembly of our products.

Production Units

Our fabrication department is authorized to carry out:

  • Brazing
  • Gas Tungsten arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Shielded Metal arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Crimping

In short, we have employed a competent team of engineers and technical experts who are able to comprehend the latest market trends and diverse requirements of our clients. By producing consistent cost-saving results, we are able to meet imposing customer schedules and budget.


Product Test FieldWe have all the resources for testing various electrical & mechanical characteristics of the products on the basis of quality norms. Our Quality Control Team check details from micro to macro levels and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any deviations. General facilities available for product qualifications include walk-in environmental chamber / thermal shock / vibration / bump test facilities.

Environmental Stress Screening Lab Facilities

Thermal Shock Chamber

Work space

Hot compartment 700 X 700 X 700 mm
Cold compartment 700 X 700 X 700 mm
Basket size 500 X 500 X 500 mm

Temperature range

Hot compartment +10?C to +200?C ? 1?C
Cold compartment -70?C to +50?C ? 1?C
Thermal shock test -55?C to 155?C
Transfer time Upto 10 sec

Climatic Test Chamber

Temperature cycle test for control panels

Work space 2800 X 2200 X 2250 mm
Temp. Range -55?C to 200?C
Temp. Accuracy ? 1?C
Gradient in space Less than ? 1.5?C
Relative Humidity 20 % to 97 % ? 3 %

Vibration Shaker

Armature diameter 440 mm
Rated Force 4000 Kgf peak SINE
Frequency Range 5 Hz to 2400 Hz
Maximum Acceleration 100 `g? Bare Table
Velocity 180Omm / sec
Displacement (p-p) 51 mm
Effective mass of Armature 40 Kg
Armature Resonance 2100 Hz (?5%)
Pay Load Capacity 600 kg
Working ambient temp. 5 – 45?C

Bump Test Machine

Peak acceleration 40 ? 4g
25 ? 2.5g
10 ? 1g
Table size 1200 X 1200 mm
Bump repetition 1 to 3 bump per sec.(adjustable)
Height of drop 25 mm ? 4 mm (adjustable)
Maximum load 113.5 Kgs (250 lbs)

Rain Test Facilities

Rain-Test-FacilitiesRain testing is carried out under various stages of production to ensure the design is in compliance with variegated environmental conditions. This test ascertains the effectiveness of the protective covers/cases on the equipment.

All design, development, manufacturing & testing processes are carried out under one roof and is monitored by our quality control team during daily production. These tests listed above are to ensure the delivered unit is perfectly sound and will not fail under any of the specified condition.

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