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Auxiliary Power Unit

MAK Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is a rotary machine comprising of a diesel engine and DC Alternator of 28 V DC. This is developed to provide 28 .5 V DC with 160 /286 AMPS continuous output for respective of 4.5 kW and 8 kW utilization in silent watch condition. The Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) is Micro controller based digital system for monitoring parameter, protection the equipment and indication through LCD Screen. The whole parts are assembled in a cabin and made of metal with reinforcement in such a manner to have sufficient space for efficient thermal management when Auxiliary Power Unit is subjected to varying atmospheric conditions during cross-country operations. The cabin is weatherproof and designed to meet IP67 under said conditions


Model MAK Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
Rated output : 8 kW 28V DC ± 0.5V, 286A continuous
Rated output : 4.5 kW 28 VDC ± 0.5V, 160 A continuous
  • LOP (Low oil pressure)
  • HCT (High cylinder head temperature)
  • OS (Over speed)
  • LF (Low fuel)
  • ESO (Engine shut off)
Output monitor Output protection
  • Indication through LCD screen
  • Voltage (0 –35V)
  • Current (0 – 500A)
  • Indication through LCD displays
  • OV (Over voltage)
  • UV (Under voltage)
  • OL (Over load)