The capability of power electronics to span an enormous range of applications made MAK to focus on this field with a dedicated team of engineers. Comprehensive power conditioning units (PCU), Frequency converters, AC-DC Converters, Inverters, Rectifiers, 400Hz load banks etc. are few glimpses of what we do in power electronics.

Range of Power Electronics Products

  • Defense grade UPS
  • Power Condtioning Units & PMA based systems
  • AC to DC Converters
  • DC to AC Inverters
  • Modular Rectifiers
  • Battery chargers
  • LFP & LTO Batteries with BMS
  • Float Cum Boost charger (FCBC)
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator

Salient Features

  • Power conditioning units (PCU) for any type of generator system
  • Defense grade inverters, converters and rectifiers and frequency converters
  • Lithium ion batteries of LMO/LFP/LTO chemistry based on application and life cycle requirements
  • Digital automatic voltage regulators (AVR) for MAK 400HZ Alternators and more..
  • Traction and Industrial battery chargers from 12V to 110V
Static Frequency Converter (SFC) DEFENSE GRADE UPS
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PCU – Power Conditioning Units Converter and Inverter
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Modular Rectifiers Lithium ion Batteries with BMS
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DC Power Supplies
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