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We carry out structural analysis for pallets, Lifting devices and power supply units (PSU) observational parameters on the structure would be namely frame/chassis design analysis, load bearing capacity, road ability test , shock absorbing capacity ..etc

As part of physical analysis we analyse the chassis/frame of the product stimulating various operational conditions on the software that help understand its behavior. We test the structure in relevance to benchmarks of applied mechanics,strength of materials and applied mathematics therby establishing material deformation ,stability , stress , strain and support reactions. We understand it's a key part of engineering design of structures.

Dynamic analysis ? Modal analysis, transient analysis , random vibration analysis ? We find the frequency and mode shapes , any sudden shock or impact on the frame and areas on chassis where random vibration will occur . We help in ensuring the structure of the product matches it?s designated operational conditions and shall withstand a long life

CFD ? Computational Fluid dynamics,CFD analysis and simulation services will show how designs shall perform under real-world conditions, with an insights into it’s operational behavior, and aid in opportunities for design optimization.With real-world engineering experience across various verticals we easily understand design and cost-constraints during product development.
CFD analysis will help teams to identify problems before products go to market, thereby reducing risks and avoiding costly warranty problems.