• Air Asia

    Air Asia We are using over 30 MAK 90KVA GPU and 16 Jet Start Units, We are pleased with reliability, performance and user friendliness of the product. We really appreciate their customer friendly attitude towards rendering timely and prompt after sales service . They have positioned engineer in KUL itself. As MAK is our preferred vendor we will be buying future requirements of GSE also from this company.

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  • General Electric

    On the morning of March 03, 2003, INTERSKY INC/ AIR+MAK Industries Air Start Unit (ASU-400T) was tested on GE Aircraft Engines B747 Flying test bed, with the GE90-115B power plant installed in the #2 engine position, at the GE Flight Test Operations facility in the Mojave Desert. Representatives from INTERSKY INC and AIR+MAK Industries assisted the GE ground crew and myself in starting the ?world?s largest aircraft engine? the GE 90-115B utilizing the AIR+MAK ASU-400T start cart. The air start unit performed well within its specifications and started the GE90-115B engine in 48 seconds, essentially equal to the standard on board 747APU start performance. This is superior to most ground based start carts available in the industry today. I feel that it is a very robust product that is superior to all other ground start carts available in the industry today.

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  • Malaysia Airlines System

    Malaysia Airlines We are one of the users of MAK 140 & 180 KVA GPUs and MAK 400,250 and 180 PPM ASU.We are using more than 30 unit at various airports in Malaysia. We are very pleased with performance and reliability of MAK GSE.Their GPU has also been used on A380 Flight where all others had failed to perform the electronic control units used in GPU and ASU are of advanced state-of-the art technology not found in any other brand of GSE made by the competitors.MAK is our preferred vendor and we have no hesitation to continue to procure additional products from them in near future.

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  • Indian Air Force

    Indian Air Force (IAF) has a large fleet of GSE (Approx. 600 units) such as Self propelled Ni-Cd battery Starting trolleys for MiG Aircraft, Aircraft Starting DC rectifiers, 40KVA AC/DC and 28.5V DC GPU, Special Hydraulic Servicing Trolley (HST) for Mirage Aircraft, Special type Air Conditioning trolley for fighter planes etc.

    MAK Ground Support Equipment are extensively used for over 15 years and are serving to satisfaction in terms of performance, reliability, safety. The GSEs are of rugged design for military/air-transportation and are operating satisfactorily under extreme atmospheric conditions prevailing at various bases in our country.

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  • Menzies Bobba Group Handling Services Pvt Ltd, India

    We are using qty 3 140 KVA AC/DC, Qty 1 each 180PPM, 270PPM ASU, Qty 2 110TR Air Conditioning Units and 10 Mobile Belt loaders . We are extremely satisfied with the Design, Technical aspects and their salient features . We are also proud to mention the extremely good, par excellence after sales, spares and service. They are No.1 in our Vendor list as they have proved themselves worthy of being a Quality and safety oriented manufacturer. In course of future expansion rest assured we shall be procuring equipments from Air +Mak

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