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MAK offers customers complete power system solutions from design, development, manufacturing and operational support for ground and marine based defence applications. Our customized power system ranges from a compact 2.5kVA unit up to 12MW containersied power supply.

These systems are made either as standalone systems or synchornised together and operate as a mini power station with AMF functionality. All Power supply units come with sound attenuated and weather proofed canopy.

MAK is proud to be part of prestigious defense projects such as Akash, Nishanth, MRSAM, APU for Main battle tanks, Rohini, Ashwini and Arudhra radars, Agni,Nirbhay, Aditya and much more...

Salient Features

  • Sophisticated digital control system with touchscreen (MAK RDMS optional)
  • Permanent magnet generator system for compact and efficient power generation
  • Equipment compliant to MIL STD 461 EMI/EMC and JSS 55555 certified.
  • Rugged design to operate under harsh environmental conditions, for example up to high altitudes of 4150m
  • Long lasting and economic service life for decades.
  • Easy & quick access to components for maintenance and servicing.