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The present documentation Methodology is predominantly based on paper documentation. With increased complexity of systems, this method consumes enormous amount of paper, which is cumbersome to handle, relatively non portable, difficult to refer and comprehend and tends to deteriorate easily with frequent use, especially, when used by multiple users ? This limitation can be overcome by the adoption of electronically generated technical manuals, commonly known as "Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals".


IETM allow the user to locate required information faster and more easily than is possible with a paper manual.
IETM, when designed to clearly defined standard ,are easier to comprehend and more specifically matched to the system configuration under diagnosis.

Powerful interactive troubleshooting procedures, not possible with paper technical manuals, can be made available using the intelligent features of IETM display device.

IETM would be linked together with a single large database augmented with modules of video,sound,animation and interactive courseware.

IETM are standard generalised Markup language and Hyper Text markup language.

Classes of IETM :-

  • Class 1:Electonically Index Pages
  • Class 2:Electonically Scrolling documents
  • Class 3:Electonically Structured IETM
  • Class 4:Hierarchically Structured IETM

Characteristics of IETM:-

  • Display
  • Functionality
  • Data Format