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We have been designing and manufacturing cable wiring & harness for our products since inception and we believe its our main forte , our experienced engineers shall design simple and easy to maintain wiring systems which are implemented on the product by our skilled workmen.

We excel at solving unique and difficult electrical interconnect problems for the aviation , defense , industrial and other markets.

Some products require complex wiring systems where cables would run for kilometers if stretched fully, our CWH shall bind all wires and cables in a single harness where possible and secure them from the effects of vibration , moisture and abrasion. We fit protective sleeves , conduits and flame retardant sleeves as required to prevent any sort of electrical fires. Upon completion of wiring kit it is tested using test boards.

On successful completion and testing , we shall train the user on its operational characteristic and provide supporting documents on wiring and materials used for easy reference during time of support or ordering spares.