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40/60/90/140/180 kVA – 400 Hz – 28.5V DC GPU, Battery Cart & many more…

Ground Support Equipment for aircraft supplies power to a parked aircraft on ground through 200 / 115V 400Hz AC and / or 28.5V DC Voltages.

This can be used for powering of various aircraft systems and also starting aircraft engines employing an electric starter mechanism.

Click here to see 15TR Combo unit - Ground Power and Cooling Unit ( GPCU ) ACU + GPU

Available in Towable Trailer mounted / Skid Mounted / Self propelled configurations.

Ground Power Unit Overview

GPU-air indiaGround Power Unit

Ground Power Unit -MAK manufactures GPU Ground Power Unit for commercial and defense applications since last 3 decades and is a pioneer of digital 400Hz GPUs across the world.

A diesel engine/electric motor coupled to MAK’s highly reliable alternator provides a perfect output to your aircrafts. With a touchscreen control panel and interactive GUI, this GPU is easy to operate and effortless to maintain.

MAK AC Ground Power Unit can be supplied with additional 28.5V DC module and small 50Hz invertor for obtaining commercial power voltage for tools, appliances.. etc during aircraft maintenance.

MAK RDMS – comes as a standard feature with all Ground Support Equipment (GSE), it is a feature-rich software built for remote operations of MAK GSE viz parameter details, fault alarms, alerts and periodic maintenance schedule. For more details please look at our MAK RDMS brochure.

28.5V DC GPU

Ground Power UnitMAK 28.5V DC GPUs built with a diesel engine is used for smaller turbo-prop aircrafts requiring 600A/800A DC and starting current of 1500A/ 2500A DC. These units are made compact keeping in mind the space constraints around small aircrafts.

Battery Cart

Ground Power Unit- battery cartMAK Battery carts provide 28.5V DC output through its specially manufactured high discharge batteries. These battery carts contribute to environmental friendliness, noiseless operation and need regular maintenance activities.

Self Propelled GPU

Ground Support EquipmentMAK designs and manufactures self-propelled type GPUs for customers requiring quick shuttle across aircraft bays and also to cover long distance between GSE workshop and aircraft bays. Self-propelled systems operates on electric or hydraulic system and can also be made skid mounted for fitting on standard commercial trucks based on customer discretion.

15TR Combo Unit GPCU (ACU+GPU)

Ground Power and Cooling Unit (GPCU)


Control Panel

screen 2

MAK GSE Monitor – A touch screen control panel with interactive GUI to showcase summary of all parameters in graphical format with in- built maintenance chart, fault log chart and troubleshooting guide.



A unique feature of MAK that comes as standard with MAK GSE. It is feature rich software and hardware built for remote monitoring and diagnostics with parameter monitoring, Geo locations, fault alarms, maintenance alerts etc. It is a complete management tool for a GSE-Head. On touch of a button one can communicate with the equipment and complete history is made available at finger tips.


logo 2MAK GPU’s are designed to comply with stringent standards such as AHM, ARP, MIL..etc. MAK GPU’s are CE Certified enabling universal usage and provides customers a unit par excellence.


logoThere are various operational and physical protection mechanisms designed & Incorporated in MAK GPUs making them operationally fail-safe and secure during any untoward faults or basic mishandling.


gpu openMAK Ground Power Unit is built with strength to handle tough operating conditions under any weather whilst being compact and effortless maneuverable facilitating smooth towing.


ENGINE : Cummins / Deutz or Equivalent diesel engine
ALTERNATOR : MAK brushless, 3 phase, constant voltage
alternator with in-built MAK AVR
AC OUTPUT : 40/60/90/140/180 KVA at 0.8 pf lagging
POWER :3 phase 4 wire system
VOLTAGE : 115V (Line to Neutral) and 200V (Line to Line).
VOLTAGE UNBALANCE : a)1% at balanced load.: b) Within 4% with 1/3rd load on one phase
with two other phases unloaded.
VOLTAGE TRANSIENT : ±20% and ±1% of steady state value
recovery within 200 milli seconds.
FREQUENCY TRANSIENT : 385 to 415 Hz, ±1% of steady state value
recovery within 2 seconds.
THD : <2%


Following parameters are displayed through GUI touch screen on a graphical format for quick understanding
  • Engine lube oil pressure
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel level
  • Engine hours run
  • Battery voltage
  • Output voltage
  • Output frequency
  • Load currents across all 3 phase
  • Maintenance Schedule


A. For Engine B. For Output
  • Low lube oil pressure shutdown
  • High coolant temperature shutdown
  • Over speed shutdown
  • Low fuel shutdown
  • Charge fail (only indication)
  • Under voltage trip
  • Over voltage trip
  • Over load trip
  • Neutral open trip
  • Phase rotation trip
  • Under frequency shutdown
  • Over frequency shutdown
Electric motor as prime mover option available
Towable trailer mounted / Self propelled / Skid mounted for truck
* Due to continuous development, the dimensions, layout, configuration and specifications are subject to change without notice.