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5TR / 15TR / 15TR GPCU / 24TR / 65TR / 115TR & many more…

Aircraft air conditioning unit is used to provide cold air & hot air to the aircraft while parked on the ground. It will keep a convenient temperature for passengers in relation to ambient circumstances. The output air from the Aircraft air conditioning unit travels through one/two hoses that are connected to the aircraft underbelly.

Mak Controls design and manufactures aircraft air conditioning unit from 5TR to 150TR. The Standard excellence models are 30TR, 60TR, 65TR, 70TR, 110TR, and 140TR manufactured as per the business commercial aircraft specifications and requirements. Mak Controls has specially developed air conditioning unit for aircraft like corporate jets with 5TR capacity. Mak Controls aircraft air conditioning unit boast of 1 Lakh hours of incident-free operation and find satisfied customers among major civil airlines and defense organizations across the world.

Click here to see 15TR Combo unit GPCU (ACU + GPU)

MAK ACU comes with a touchscreen control panel MAK GSEM V8-C and MAK RDMS-A feature rich fleet management software which transmits live operational data to a remote computer/mobile and alerts users in real-time of faults, alerts. With this software, users can plan maintenance schedules, ad-hoc service records, order spare parts... and much more, eliminating need for dedicated manpower per operation location.

Available in Towable Trailer mounted / Skid Mounted / Self propelled configurations

Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft-Features

  • Diesel engines from Deutz/Cummins equivalent conforming to latest EPA/Euro  emission norms
  • Direct / Electric driven models
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Low noise level
  • Meets MIL, AHM & ARP standards
  • Digital control system with touchscreen panel (MAK GSEM V8-C)
  • Interactive GUI visible under all weather Conditions
  • Graphical representation of operational data
  • Fault log chart & troubleshooting guide
  • MAK RDMS – Remote Diagnosis and Monitoring System (RDMS)

Air Conditioning Unit for Aircraft Specification

ENGINE : Deutz/Cummins or equivalent Diesel engine upto Tier 4 final
Drive : Electrical/Direct
Alternator (electric drive only) : Stamford/Marathon or equivalent
Compressor(Screw/Scroll) : Bitzer/J&E Hall Screw/Frascold or Equivalent Screw compressor
Condenser/Evaporator : Luve/Luvata or Equivalent
Refrigerant : R134a /R407c or Equivalent
environmental friendly refrigerant
Other refrigeration line
: Danfoss/Parker or equivalent
Blower : High pressure centrifugal Blower
Air output flow : 100 PPM to 860 PPM
Blower output pressure : Upto 48″ H2O based on
Aircraft requirement
Output temperature : 36°F to 54°F (2°C to 12°C)
(can be customized to suit any requirement)
Towable trailer mounted / Self propelled / Skid mounted for truck/ Passenger Boarding Bridge(PBB) mounted
  • Electric driven only
Air Conditioning Unit for aircraft OPERATIONS MONITORING
Following parameters are displayed through GUI touch screen on a graphical format for quick interpretation.
  • Engine Lube Oil Pressure
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel Level
  • Battery Voltage
  • Output Air Temperature
  • Set output Air Temperature
  • Output Pressure
  • Compressor Oil Temperature
  • Engine Hours Run
  • Battery Charging Current
  • Maintenance Schedule
Aircraft Air Conditioning Unit OPERATION PROTECTIONS
  • Low fuel warning / shut down
  • Low Lube Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • High Coolant Temperature Shutdown
  • Over Speed Shutdown
  • Low Fuel Shutdown
  • Low Coolant Indication
  • Charge Fail Indication
  • Air Filter Clog Indication
  • Over voltage
  • Under voltage
  • Over load
  • Over frequency
  • Under frequency
  • Phase reversal
  • Refrigerant High Discharge Pressure Shutdown
  • Refrigerant Low Suction Pressure Shutdown
  • High Compressor Oil Temperature shutdown
  • Low Compressor Oil Level shutdown
  • High Compressor Discharge Temperature shutdown
  • High Output Air Temperature Indication

*Due to continuous development, dimensions, layout, configuration and specifications are subject to change without notice.