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  • Our Managing Director honoured with Sir J C Bose memorial award

    Our Managing Director Sri Athapa Manickam was honoured with Sir J C Bose Memorial Award constituted by The Indian Science Monitor. The Award was conferred by Former Chief Justice of India M N Venkatachalliah in Bengaluru on 18th January 2015.
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  • MAK 180kVA GPU with Tier 4 Engine

    Air Mak,USA has developed and successfully tested the World’s first Tier IV-F engine powered 180kVA Aircraft GPU meeting latest US EPA and Euro – IV regulations.

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  • LRCS Site Acceptance Test successfully completed

    MAK’s indigenous manufactured Liquid refrigerant and cooling system for radar application to a prestigious defence customer was successfully tested at customer’s base fulfilling customer requirements.
    DSC01844 LRCS Photo

  • HTTC Site Acceptance Test successfully completed

    India’s largest and MAK’s indigenous manufactured High temperature Test chamber for defence application was thoroughly tested at customer base on all aspects fulfilling customer expectations.
    HTTC Group photo 065

  • Participated in IAE 2014 , Las Vegas ,USA

    Our stall at International Airport Expo conducted during October 14-16,2014 in Las Vegas,USA was graced by industry stalwarts from all around the world. We had displayed our USA manufactured 90KVA GPU with Tier IVi Engine and demonstrated our GSE Remote diagnostic and monitoring software to all our visitors..

  • MAK 110TR ACU was connected to A380 Aircraft in India Aviation 2014, Hyderabad

    Our Air Conditioning Unit was used on ground to cool the Cabin of the Emirates A380 Aircraft that was showcased in India Aviation 2014, Hyderabad.

  • Participated in India Aviation 2014,Hyderabad,India

    We displayed our Ground Power Unit, Electric Baggage / cargo Tractor and Battery Charger for viewing of our stall visitors..

  • Electric Baggage / Cargo Tractor Launched

    We now manufacture an Electric Tractor that can be used in Airports to tow Baggage / Cargo Trolleys. This vehicle reduces operating costs by a great margin and requires relatively no maintenance.

  • MAK 180KVA GPU used on Boeing 787 Aircraft

    Our MAK 180KVA GPU was connected to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft in India and was used for over 6 hours with satisfactory performance.

  • Received an order to supply Self Propelled 90KVA ACDC GPU to Russian Aircarft Corporation

    We are proud to have received this order from an organisation that is well respected for its significant contributions to the aviation Industry.