• R & D (E) , Pune, India

    MAK Controls & Systems (P) Ltd, Coimbatore India has manufactured Dual Frequency Alternator Technology based Integrated Power Supply system. This can be transported via rail, road and air. Extensive Performance evaluation, Technical Trials, Mobility trials and flight trials at various place like desert, sea shore, high altitude and temperature have been conducted.

    We appreciate the firm?s positive attitude and their willingness to work with customers in developing new products as per customer?s requirements.

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  • Flight Support Solutions, Memphis International Airport

    We are using Air + Mak 90 KVA GPU. We have no hesitation to state this is one of the best piece of equipment available with us. Performance of this GPU has been totally to our satisfaction all these days and in fact once, we even used it non-stop for more than 20 hours to service an airplane, which landed with an emergency code and it behaved perfectly. GPU design is appreciable as the layout and installation of all components are so convenient to reach for maintenance. We wish them success.

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  • NorthWest Airlink

    We have procured 5 x Storage type Air Start Unit Model ? Submarine SASU-840 from Air + Mak inlast 2 years. The performance is very satisfactory.

    We especially appreciate all design features such as very low maintenance , attention free air charging system, Moisture removal system in charging pressure line. It has met our expectations and we wish all success for them.

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  • Air India SATS

    We connected MAK 180KVA GPU to Boeing?s 787 Aircraft during first flight operation at Hyderabad, Begumpet Airport and is being used for over 6 hours a day. There were no failures during performance and was satisfactory.

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  • Spicejet, India

    Spicejet We have procured Qty 2 90KVA Self-propelled type Ground Power Units and Storage type Air Start Unit (SASU).They are in service from beginning of our operation and their performance is excellent. We have current orders with them for our GSE and will continue to procure.

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