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40 KVA AC / DC GPU, 90 KVA AC / DC GPU, 140 KVA AC / DC GPU, 180 KVA AC / DC GPU

Functioning similar to a standard diesel generator it supplies power to a parked aircraft on ground through 200 / 115V 400Hz AC and / or 28.5V DC Voltages. This can be used for powering of various aircraft systems and also starting aircraft engines employing an electric starter mechanism.

Available in Towable Trailer mounted / Skid Mounted / Self propelled configurations.

  • All Standard Features of AC Ground Power Units
  • Highly efficient Transformer and Rectifier Unit
  • State of the art microcontroller based digital protection and monitoring system ? software programmed trip limits ? self test facility
  • Star Delta Full Wave Rectifier Bridge configuration ensures low ripple DC Power output
  • Separate Monitoring and Protection circuit for DC Power
  • All additional components for DC system are housed within the all weather canopy itself
  • AC GPUs are designed with provision to incorporate DC components even at a post production stage
  • MAK’s Remote Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems (optional)

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